My imaginary, but maybe someday soon real, $500 shopping spree...

I do this sometimes... play pretend.  My predisposition to daydreaming makes it an easy and effortless past time.  When we get a catalog in the mail, I'll go through it and tell myself that I can choose one thing from each page spread.  Or I'll grab a real estate magazine and choose my favorite house from each page.  Or I make a list of all the crazy good food I'd love to have in our kitchen.

Doing this helps me to manifest good feelings- and is not really about the material attainment.  I can get the same sense of well being, better even, by staring out the window or taking a walk and watching the flowers peek through or citrus growing on the trees or having a coffee or tasty lunch with a good friend.  It's pretty much about that sense of abundance in general and it's an easy fix on those days when I feel like crap or are ready to move toward my next goal.

So sometimes I tell myself, "Okay, I've got an (imaginary) extra $100... what will I put it toward?"  At times, I go for the practical: new underwear, new socks, wood for new molding in the hallway.  Other times, I get a little giddy with trinkets: a new pot for growing herbs, too fancy knee socks, a perfect vintage dress, a red umbrella.  This time, I told myself I could go nuts with $500 on Etsy.  This is my lust list...

Takes up the majority of the spree, but- darn it- it's worth it!  From Poetic Home.

Oh my gosh... how could I not?!  This awesomeness is from Link Ray Photo.

From Pretty Raccoon ... slick. and an incredible price

And about 6 orders of these from Cupcakes in Jars .

Yep. That should do.
How about YOU?

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