It started with this...

My day started with seeing this photo on a blog. I wish I could remember which blog it was... or maybe it was from a link within a blog within another site. No matter. Point is, I saw it and it spoke to me and it said, " I am yours. Take me. Love me. Drink tea." This sofa is the exact color and material that I plan to reupholster the 1930's twin sofas of a similar style that my Grandpa Natale made back in the heyday of his furniture business, Natale and Son, out of Brooklyn (before the hipsters took over). Their furniture is astoundingly beautiful. I will someday soon put up a before and after post with the upholstery project, but until then, I have this image (with to freaking die for wall paper) to hold me over.
Anyhow, it was the blue and gold combo that kick started my day. Here are some more of my latest favorites...
These pendants are actually from my own Fall/Winter collection, but I've been swooning over the tone and images and have included them here for that reason. They're the Ziegfeld Dancer Girl series and I love 'em.

This vintage porcelain cup and saucer set from KingsRoad is from the 50's out of Japan and I'm pretty confident that these were made for drinking that tea in the first photo. I'm just sayin'...

I came across these stellar knuckle rings by Heistjewelry and thought what a crazy cool idea for bridal party (or any partaaaay) gifts. Really very awesome.
And my Glitter Pop ring (I got the turquoise) from Popko is a definite happiness inducer. Also it can't hurt that it brings on my Wonder Twin fantasy where I can form of a giant walrus OR a tidal wave. Their THAT good.

Mars The Dog is pushing his haggard and beaten stuffed-less toy into my leg. I have no choice but to give in to playing fetch.
There's fetch:30 , walk:30 and biscuit:30 - as in ,"It's biscuit:30!! Time to give me my damn treat, woman!"
Fetch:30 is just like that except, of course, replace biscuit for fetch.

This is my life.
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