July Giveaway!

I'm, obviously, a bit late on getting to the giveaway this month... especially since the last day of the month is today. BUT... quit your complaining! You're about to enter to get something for free... FREE! And what better freebie than these Oh Lovelies bobby pins? (This pair is the very last of its sold out limited production.)

Here are the rules: (DEADLINE is Sunday, August 2nd at 11:59pm)

1. In the comment section below this post, tell us why you NEEEEEEEED these bobby pins. (Please include your contact email in this comment so I can easily contact you if you are the winner.)
2. Peruse through a few posts in this blog and comment on two of 'em (no need to let me know which ones, I'll automatically be notified when one is left).
3. Make a wish, cross your fingers and do something kind for someone: any human, any animal: today. I'm working off the honor system here. I'll trust.

Meantime, feel free to have a look at my website for the final days of the clearance sale.
The new FALL/WINTER collection will be launched soon... WooHoo!
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